Traveler Stories: Episode #8

“In Life, It’s Not Where You Go, It’s Who You Travel With”

–  Charles Schulz

My guests for today are Kayla and Silas, travel bloggers and enthusiasts who love exploring new places. On their first date, they talked about travel for nearly 8 hours!

Since then they have been to several countries, road trips around the U.S., and are preparing now for a 9-month adventure in Latin America. Here’s their story.


What got you into traveling?

Kayla: I started traveling the world at 14 on a trip to Europe with the Girl Scouts. Later on, I did an organized trip to Tanzania and then studied abroad in Germany during college. I love history and culture. Exploring historical locations is one of my favorite parts of travel.

Silas: I studied abroad during college as my first big travel adventure. As an extrovert, I loved meeting new people and couldn’t get enough of it. I ended up doing an internship for a summer abroad and then have gone on several adventures with Kayla since we met.

What were your first travel experiences like?

Kayla: I was 14, and I went to Europe for two weeks with the Girl Scouts. I remember we went to London, Paris, Lucerne, Venice, Florence, and Rome – all in just two weeks! It was exhausting, but I loved every minute.

I remember we got to try wine. (I thought it was really gross at the time, and I still don’t like dry, red wine! Ha!) We saw tons of cool places and learned a lot. I knew that I had to go back. This was the spark that inspired me to study abroad in Europe during college.


Silas: I decided to study abroad last minute. It was the fall semester of my senior year, and I went abroad to Wales. I didn’t know anyone from my university that was going. It was so exciting! I spent several weekends exploring Europe, and several other weekends exploring Swansea (the city where I studied in Wales).


How did you take up blogging?

We knew we had a passion for traveling, and wanted to share our experiences, tips, and knowledge with the world. We weren’t sure what we were doing when we started, but have slowly grown comfortable with the format and really enjoy the process. We are extremely excited to be able to document our adventures in Latin America in 2018!

Which is your favorite destination and why?

Kayla: I have a soft spot for Germany because I studied there. It was a lot of fun to be immersed in a new language and I really connected with my host family. They actually came to our wedding and then let us visit them during our honeymoon.


Silas: I love Swansea! While the city isn’t known for its beauty, the people are incredibly friendly. Dylan Thomas wrote that Swansea, “is an ugly, lovely town,” and I would agree.


Tell me about one of your most memorable travel experiences.

Our honeymoon was the most amazing trip we have taken together this far! We were fortunate enough to be able to travel Europe for 3 weeks. It was a kind of “show and tell” experience for each of us because we were able to visit both cities where we studied abroad.

We acted as tour guides for each other and introduced each other to our friends. We also got to explore some new cities together and it was a really fun and relaxing.


What is your advice to people who wish to travel but think they can’t?

Don’t get overwhelmed — start small if you are nervous. Just because we like to travel around the world doesn’t mean that is the only way to travel. Try a weekend getaway to a town close by that you haven’t explored before. Or, spend a weekend as a tourist in your own city! Learning to navigate airports, new languages, and new cultures will all come in time.

Those are some great tips, Kayla & Silas! I’m looking forward to learning about your Latin American adventures. And I wish you have an amazing trip together!

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