2017 Favorites: The Daily Post Photo Challenge

Hello everyone,

I hope you guys enjoyed Christmas and are all geared up to welcome the new year! The year-end is certainly a good time for reflecting on the year that was. A time to be thankful and appreciative of the things we have. And for the love of family and friends.

I just realized I haven’t participated in a photo challenge in a long time. The last one was more than a month ago. However last week’s Daily Post photo challenge brought back the urge to do it again. I love the theme, which is to share your favorite photo of 2017.

As I was quietly reflecting upon the year so far, this made me reminisce my favorite moments. There are quite a few of them but if I had to choose just one, this one would be it. Paris had been on my mind for a very long time.

So when I finally saw the iconic Eiffel Tower, I literally had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. It was a dream-come-true moment for me. And luckily this shot turned out to be great too!

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-21 at 12.20.38 AM (3)

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  1. amna says:

    Chandrima you have travelled alot which place do you consider your most favourite

    1. Chandrima says:

      That’s a tough one 🙂 There are so many places that I love, but if I had to pick one, I guess it would be Santorini, Greece 🙂 I definitely plan to go back there again.

  2. Jo Smith says:

    Great photo of the Eiffel tower! I’ve been to Paris for the first time over the summer, and I was at the exact spot you took the photo from!

    1. Chandrima says:

      Thank you! That is indeed a great spot isn’t it?☺️

      1. Jo Smith says:

        Of course! Feel free to check out my post as well: http://theinquisitivewriter.com/my-best-photos/

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